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Cystic acne

December 10th, 2015

What is Cystic Acne and How it can be treatedWhat is cystic acne?

Most of us will often get the odd pimple, but if these are in the form of red painful lumps or breakouts then you could have a form of Cystic Acne. These spots don't usually have a head like their counterparts. They are essentially clogged pores that have become inflamed and become cysts when the pores rupture, spilling pus into the skin. The body encases the pus to stop it spreading into the body, forming a cyst. This is a very serious form of the skin condition; not only can it be painful but it can also be extremely emotionally distressing.

Who gets Cystic Acne?

Unfortunately, anyone can develop Cystic Acne. Unlike zits, cysts are embedded in the skin's surface. Cystic Acne is essentially a form of skin infection and should be treated as such. They look like red lumps which can be extremely painful to touch. Cystic Acne can often cause scarring on the skin if it is left untreated.

Cystic Acne can be brought on in the same way as normal acne; bad diet, hormones and stress being the main culprits. It has been suggested that severe emotional distress can cause such a hard form of acne. However, the first and foremost offender is always the spread of bacteria. As with any infection, you need to keep your skin clean. You may find that the usual face washes and creams will not take effect on such a condition and should be avoided. Using any of these can sometimes make the symptoms worse, so try to use a mild soap or cleanser with warm water. Unfortunately, unlike spots, cysts won't heal themselves.

Treatment of Cystic Acne

Lasers and light therapy treatments such as TheraClear can be used to help treat Cystic Acne. They work by reducing the bacteria that is the main cause of the problem.

If you have this form of severe acne then don't despair; there are treatments out there. TheraClear can have a dramatic effect on reducing the breakouts and removing the problem causing bacteria.

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