The Revolutionary Theraclear to combat Acne & Rosacea


November 23rd, 2015

What causes the condition?

Acne is a skin condition. Sebaceous glands lie just under the skin's surface, and these glands produce oil to keep the skin smooth and supple. Due to many contributing factors such as hormonal changes and bacteria these glands can become blocked causing spots, pimples and sometimes cysts to occur.

acne daily skin routine

Your daily routine can also have a massive impact on your skin's health. You need to be able to provide the correct nutrients for your skin to thrive. Sleep can also have a big impact. We sleep to let our bodies regenerate. Getting the correct amount of ‘shut eye’ can help our skin to rest and also reduce stress levels which in turn can rejuvenate our largest organ, our skin.

The best home remedies for getting rid of spots

home remedy acne treatment Toothpaste can dry up pimples. Place a small amount on the infected area only.

    • Make an oatmeal and honey face mask. Honey is a natural antibiotic and oatmeal can reduce inflammation of the skin. Make sure to cook the oatmeal.
    • Ice can reduce the redness and swelling of spots. This can also improve the blood circulation to the skin and tighten up the pores.
    • Baking soda mask. Make a paste and smear over your face. Leave on for about 10 minutes and then wash off with water. Baking soda will dry out the spots and remove the oil from your skin.
    • Potatoes have been placed on bruises for centuries. By placing the inside of the potato on your acne it may reduce the marks that are left behind.
    • Grind orange peel with water to make a paste and place this on your skin. Orange peel contains vitamin C which is essential for your skin's regeneration.
    • Tea tree oil is an antiseptic and can disinfect pores. Start by diluting the solution with water. You can always up the dose if needed.

Seek medical advice

      If your acne is moderate-severe, you should be seeking advice from a medical professional. Acne Clinic UK have a directory full of advanced acne specialists.

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