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Living with Rosacea

January 8th, 2016

Coping with Rosacea

Living with Rosacea can be a challenging experience; not only does it affect the appearance of your skin with red pimples, rashes and sometimes even thickening of the skin, (particularly around the nose), but Rosacea can also have a detrimental effect on your emotional state of mind.

Issues that people with Rosacea face

Unfortunately Rosacea can cause the skin to look flushed; thread veins can appear and tender skin only makes the problem worse. Not only does this affect the skin but Ocular Rosacea can cause sore, red, itchy, watery eyes, which is like rubbing salt in the wounds.

Historically, many people believe that Rosacea is brought on through alcoholism, however this is not the case. For a Rosacea sufferer, alcohol can make the symptoms worse although it is not the cause of the condition. Diet can play a big part in your skin's health and eating/drinking the wrong things can also cause Rosacea to breakout. This can be difficult to deal with as not only is the skin sore to touch, but it can cause embarrassment to the sufferer too, lowering their self confidence and sometimes causing depression.

Covering up the outbreak with make-up can sometimes make your Rosacea worse, so it is not recommended. It is best to keep the skin clean and let it breathe, although this can be hard to do when all you want is for it to disappear!

Ways to help Rosacea breakouts

rosacea breakoutAs with most skin conditions, the best way to help with breakouts is to make sure that bacteria isn't spread and the area is clean. This can be done by making sure that anything that comes into contact with the affected area is cleaned regularly, for example your bed sheets. Never underestimate the importance of washing clothes, sheets and towels on a regular basis. There are over the counter topical treatments available; some may be more effective than others, and always use products that are suitable for your skin. Also, be aware that Rosacea can make your skin more sensitive to certain products.

Seek professional help

If you think you suffer from Rosacea, then always seek professional help. Rosacea is quite easy to diagnose and can sometimes be controlled by medicated creams or antibiotics. These unfortunately won't get rid of the condition indefinitely, however, your medical professional should be able to find something that works for you to keep it under control.

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