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December 17th, 2015

What is Rosacea?

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If you are one of the unlucky ones that suffer from Rosacea then we absolutely feel your pain. Although this is often referred to as Acne Rosacea, it is actually a separate condition. Rosacea is a common rash that predominantly affects the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. It can also mean that the skin can flush more easily, and we can all relate to those unwanted moments of embarrassment.

The actual cause of Rosacea is unknown, however it has been suggested that the problem lies within the blood vessels of the skin, causing them to dilate too easily, which initiates the unwanted red glow when you least expect it. Unfortunately it doesn't stop there; Rosacea can also cause spots, pimples and sensitive skin which can be painful to touch.

What causes Rosacea?

The causes of Rosacea are unknown, however some triggers can be too much alcohol, too much exercise, stress, spicy foods and sometimes sunlight. These can all be detrimental to your condition; they can cause the skin to warm making the blood vessels enlarge adding to the red flush. It has been noted that people who suffer from Rosacea are more susceptible to temperature change; the summer sun can irritate the condition, as can the harsh winter cold. Protect your skin from the elements by making sure the products you use don't irritate; try a few and find the best suited to you. The power of deduction is the best method here.

Rosacea can also cause stress and anxiety. Trying to cover up the blemishes will only make it worse, it's a vicious circle which unfortunately will only go downhill if you don't take the right precautions.

Don't keep touching your skin; keep things clean but try not to aggravate the rash. Remember what you're dealing with - it is not a form of acne, it is a condition in its own right.

Talk to a specialist

If you are concerned that you may have Rosacea, then you should speak to a specialist who will be able to prescribe the right treatment. Rosacea is relatively easy to diagnose if you speak to the right people. Don't sit in silence as this can be a hard, emotionally distressing condition. It is unfortunately something that you may have to live with, however it can hopefully be managed effectively.

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