The Revolutionary Theraclear to combat Acne & Rosacea
Case Studies

Patient CB

CB is 43 years old with a 20 year plus history of acne. Previously she was treated with oral antibiotics and multiple topical retinols for several years. She was on Doxycycline for several months prior to starting Theraclear treatments.

Based on the outstanding results our office obtained in the IRB sponsored clinical trial, we decided to treat CB with TheraClear using both the acne surgical insert and the vacuum and light mode. The use of the acne surgical needle is to remove the embedded sebum from the multiple cystic acne lesions. The vacuum and light mode completes this process and also reduces or eliminates the accompanying inflammation.

Treatment with TheraClear System

The first step in the TheraClear treatment involved applying the acne surgical insert to the individual lesions. This expels the embedded sebum. This whole process takes about one minute and the patient feels little to no pain. Then the acne surgical insert is removed and the standard acne treatment insert is installed. The affected area is then treated with two passes of vacuum and light.


The TheraClear acne treatment system is ideal for treating this type of acne as well as much less severe cases. The key in treating these deep acne lesions is the removal of sebum. The acne surgical insert does this quickly and painlessly. Previously we might do an extraction which was time consuming, painful and had the potential to produce scarring. The patient and the staff felt that the clinical results were outstanding.

I had been using an IPL only device for 5 years and over 20,000 treatments. I discovered that the limitation of such devices would not allow treatment of lesions such as those pictured. The innovation of using vacuum assisted IPL with a needle insert has greatly enhanced our ability to treat all types of acne lesions with impressive results and enhanced patient satisfaction.

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